- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

Donor Recognition

2017 CTSF Donors

Most current donation at the TOP of each category

Donations Made by Children

2016 Donors List

CURE Level: $5,000+ Donation

Nick Athanasakos

Research PhD: $1,000 to $4,999 Donation

Bosch Charity Committee

Brittany Canum Bosch Inc.

Christopher Ammann

Dave & Nicki Luce

Nicki & Dave Luce

Nu-Di Corporation

Rick Karl & Bruce Steiger

Todd & Holly McDonald

Todd Brubaker

Research: $500 to $999 Donation

Christopher Modelewski

Doug & Kath Bivona

Doug & Kathleen Bivona

Erie Indemnity



Karl & June Reidel

Keith Babo

Kevin Coombes

Murphy Distribution

Peter McCarthy

Roberta & Ralph Keefner

Roy Beckelhymer

Scott & Diana Metzger

Steve and Vickie Hofman

Tim & Sandra Windham

Treatment Provider: $250 to $499 Donation

Andrew Babiak


Gina Cousineau

Jeanne Karl

Julie Dow

Superior Air Health

Symptom Manager: $101 to $249 Donation

Bob & Becky Leach

Casey & Tom Pounds

Euclid School NJ

Jeff Keefner

Jeffrey Kumpula

Linda & Casey Salony

Masud & Hanan Shaukat


United Way for Southeastern Michigan

United Way of Greater Cleveland

Jacob Sheep Parent: $100 Donation

Alan Zishkin

Allan & Jo AnnRabinowitz

Angela Morrissey

Bob & Jean Bihn

Brian Mills

CarlDi Paolo

Charles Barrington

Dan Hofman

Danny Guido

Dave Wallis

Ellen Brezic

Farzad Shirzod

Gerald Arbogast

Hart Holdings

Jack Hoehlein

JD Martz

Jeannette Carrino

Joan OLear

John & Ellen Nagengast

John Troiano

Kimberly Repenning

Marilyn Arbogast

Matthew Stein


Nagesh Kanumury

Patty & John Campbell

Perfecto Saenz

Robert Lowe

Robert Martin

Russell Yelton

Ryan Hildenbrand

Stacie Servidio

Stephan Zoder

Tom & Julie McDaniel

Care Provider: $1 to $99 Donation

Alyson Nawossa

Amanda Kitchen

Amazon Smile

Amy LaPointe


Barbara Hess

Benjamin Purer

Charles & Barb Fisher

Charles Barrington


David Plick

Deb Nolan

Donald Segal

Enrique Martinez

Gengraphics LLC

Grace Endy

Heath Robinson

Heidi Vaughn

JD Martz

Jeff & Sharon Keefner

John Shimkus

JorgeVelasco Arrieta

Judith Kanal

Karen Hunter

Karen Krantz

Kassi & Heath Robinson

Lei Loni Ashley Kershaw

Liz Warren

Lorin Shelley

Lucia Jones

Meghan Usher

Melanie Lomascolo

Michael Sands

Michael Tremblay

Nicole deMoulpied

Patrick Gannon

Pedro & Marilda Monserrate

Phillip LoFaso

Plug Media Group

Rebecca Warren

Robbie & Lorelei Sandoval

Robert & JeanBihn

Rosa Marina Gem-Gonzales

Sarah Mattingly

Shannon Ploude

Stacy Giles

State Employees of Indiana

Tara & Thom Douglas

Tracy Gordon


United Way

Donations made in honor of:

Clem & Sheila DeCrane's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Isaac Sandoval

Mackenzie Plick

Donations made in memory of:

Alexis Markowich

Annabel Pounds

Chuck Ellens

Dakota Bihn

Dylan "DJ" Manning

Elise ten Berge

Hailey Kitchen

Krystie Karl-Steiger

Lexi Gordon

Lori Novicky

Riley Luce

CTSF Thank You

The Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation (CTSF) is honored and humbled to have your support. Since our founding in June 2007 the CTSF has raised $4,052,043 (as of 12/31/2016) to support Tay-Sachs disease research!! We have spent $2.07 million on research projects to date and have another $214,000 committed to projects in support of the Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium and other projects.

The battle against this disease is difficult - but we are making real progress!! No child in the history of medicine has survived Tay-Sachs! It has a 100% fatality rate. We have to change the course of history to beat this disease - so that is what we will do. With your help - anything and everything is possible. We will not be outworked in our quest!!

We work hard to protect our donor's money by spending it wisely. We keep administrative expenses as low as possible (less then 9%) and the foundation has NO paid employees or consultants. Every dollar we spend is related to fundraising activity or research support!! A listing of the research we support can be found on the Research section of this website. Thank you so much for supporting us - we will find a CURE for Tay-Sachs disease. There is HOPE in your HELP!!.

This is a special gift awarded to our donors who contribute $1,000 or more in 2017. The stylish award is emblazened with the Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation logo and commemorates forever the year of your most generous donation! You will forever be reminded that there is HOPE in your HELP!!