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- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

US Tax Deductible EIN: 26-0256621

- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

Our Mission

The Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation is dedicated to funding the on-going research needed to find treatments and a cure for Tay-Sachs Disease.

Once the cure for Tay-Sachs has been found - and we will find it! - we will dedicate our efforts to promoting carrier-testing and Tay-Sachs awareness initiatives.

To begin the journey into Tay-Sachs Awareness, click here.

What is a Clinical Trial???

Here's a message from Axovant Sciences in NY:

Dear Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff patient communities,

At Axovant, our mission is simple: to develop innovative gene therapies that have the potential to transform the lives of patients. We are writing to provide an update on AXO-AAV-GM2, our investigational gene therapy program for GM2 gangliosidosis.

Over the past year, we have worked tirelessly in partnership with our collaborators to lay the foundation for the start of the first-ever clinical trial for infantile and juvenile Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease. In October 2019, our partners at the University of Massachusetts Medical School presented positive data on AXO-AAV-GM2 which demonstrated evidence of potential clinical stabilization in children with GM2 gangliosidosis in an expanded access trial. AXO-AAV-GM2 was observed to be well-tolerated in two expanded access patients with no serious adverse events or clinically relevant laboratory abnormalities related to therapy. Following these encouraging results, at the end of 2019, Axovant submitted an Investigational New Drug Application (IND), to allow for initiation of a company-sponsored clinical trial in patients with GM2 gangliosidosis.

The IND application must include comprehensive information in three broad areas:

  • Animal studies to permit an assessment as to whether the product is reasonably safe for initial testing in humans
  • Any previous experience with the drug in humans
  • Drug product manufacturing and device information

The standard timing for FDA review of an IND is 30 days. If there are no additional questions or objections, the trial sponsor is free to start the trial. In this instance, the FDA had additional questions after the 30- day mark on aspects related to manufacturing and the delivery device. Given these questions and subsequent responses go beyond 30 days, the FDA must refer to the extension as a "clinical hold". Pending clearance by FDA, Axovant expects to initiate the AXO-AAV-GM2 trial in 2020.

We want to thank you for your dedicated support over the last year, and we are committed to providing timely, clear, and transparent communications so you can make informed decisions and stay abreast of current developments. We know that you are counting on us to accelerate the development of investigational therapies as quickly as possible. There is no greater priority for the employees at Axovant Gene Therapies, and we will continue to work with urgency to initiate the clinical trial.


Gavin Corcoran, MD

Chief R&D Officer

Parag V. Meswani, PharmD

SVP, Commercial Strategy & Operations

2019 Year End Summary

With the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to thank our many donors and friends who helped to make 2019 a great year for the CTSF. It was a great year because we edged ever closer to real treatments for kids and adults with Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff. While true open clinical trials are never fast enough for anyone, we did see both Axovant and IntraBio make significant progress during the year. We also continue to fund promising research elsewhere. And while this is all good news, the bad news is that we lost far too many innocent young lives during the year. We will love them into eternity, and their inspiration will be with us forever.

The year saw fun fundraising ideas, lots of creativity and simple hard work by countless supporters and friends of the CTSF. As of this writing, we are just $29K shy of being a $5 million dollar Foundation! Who would have guessed what a bunch of angry parents could have achieved?!!!

So, we stay the course of funding novel therapies in search of The Cure as we enter 2020. On behalf of myself and the entire Board of Directors, we thank you for following our work and our mission, and we send blessings to you and your loved ones during the Holiday Season and always.

You can always write to me at with any questions or ideas!

- Rick and the CTSF Board

Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation

The Cure Is Within Reach!

Since our creation in June 2007, the CTSF has raised $4,995,464 from thousands of kind and generous donors. We have issued research grants to 9 researchers/laboratories around the world, and made impressive progress towards our ultimate goal... The Cure!

There is HOPE in your HELP!!!

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2019 Donor Recognition

CURE Level: $5,000+ Donation - FACEBOOK DONORS, Nicki and Dave Luce, Take a Hike Tay-Sachs, Univ. of Mass Med School *** Research PhD: $1,000 to $4,999 Donation - Adam Anderson, Bihn Family, Bryce and Amy Anderson, Earl Eickstaedt, Eric Neubert, Ervin Cohen and Jessup, F. Jon and Gail Howard, Foster Family, Jon Rabinowitz, Lauren Rabinowitz, NU-DI Corporation, Race Roster *** Research: $500 to $999 Donation - Bills Streak House, Esther Stein, Mark A. Roberts, Patricia Beaudry, Penick Family, State Farm Employee's, State Farm Foundation, Steve Hoffman, Steven Schachtman Trust, Thrive Cares Foundation, Your Cause *** Treatment Provider: $250 to $499 Donation - 4300 Jasmine Property, Alicia Richarte, Amazon Smile, Angie Kizinger, Carrie Forster, Charles Barrington, Economou Familly, Elizabeth Puckett, Fickel Family, Fort Lauderdale Alumnae AOII, Geiger EDM, Karl and June Reidel, Lillian Ponce De Leon, Lortscher Animal Nutrition, Mynhier Family , O'Donnell Family, Rolando Villanueva, Smoker Family, Spangler Family, Stuchell Family, Sunset Cove Resort, United Way - Sacramento *** Symptom Manager: $101 to $249 Donation - Abigail Wohlers, Accenture, Amy Brown - InstaPhysique, Benevity, Brien Kelly, Crecer Resources, Dan Duggan, Elizabeth Masiero, Euclid School, Firehouse Clean Power Wash, Gloria Nelson, Haprinder Singh, Helene Bouchard, James Johnson, James Macmiller, Jayme Reed, Jeffrey Paarlberg, John and Laurie Tenberg , John Hunzeker, Julie Rabinowitz, Kimyetta Barron, Lisa Nelson Laptalo, DMD, Marc Sikoscow, Marcel Bouchard, Marilyn Dolesh, Megan Lehnhoff, Milnes Family, Network For Good, Neusbaum Family, Penny Wohlers, Phillip Starr, Raquel Richarte, Revitalize, Richard McAfee, Ricky Shah, Roxie Food Center , Scott & Elizabeth Miller, Tami Kint, United Way - Loraine, WALMART DIST CENTER, Wilson Family *** Jacob Sheep Parent: $100 Donation - Adaire McMillan, Alliance Foods, Andrea Barnes Trust, Barrett and Marilyn Rochman, Branch Insurance Agency, C & O Insurance , Carlene Klein, Carole Baldassano, Century Bank and Trust, Charles Barrington, City of Coldwater, Coldwater BBQ, Coldwater Lake Marina, Cynthia Miller, Delores Leo, George Khouri, Gloria Nelson, Hampton Homes, James & Heather Scullin, James Morrison & Associates, James Watson, Jewish Federation of Atlanta, Jo Ann and Allan Rabinowitz, John Hambright, John Daise, John Hutchison, John Rigney, John Wellet, Joseph Reising, Joseph Vumbacco, JT's Billiard Bar and Grill, June and Mike Martz, K & B Mechanical, Kalina Ivanova, Karen Burns, Kelli Nantz, Larry Brown, Marlene Fineman, Marshall Commumity Credit Union, Marvin & Julia Luedders, Masnari Family, Matthew Marcus, Megan Angel, Melissa Martz, Melody Hostetler, Michael Clerico, MMK Consulting Group, Modert Excavating, Myer Family, Mylissa Trowbridge, Mylissa Trowbridge, Nan Chapman, Optimal Medical Staffing, Paarlberg Family, Patricia Beaudry, Phyllis Wilson, Prompt Care Express, Qualite Sports Lighting, Richard & Maureen Bihn, Richard King, Robert and Jean Bihn, Ryan Burrell, S and R Products, Scott Schwartz, SEKISUI, Southern Michigan Bank and Trust, Sukhdeep Singh, The Battery Spot, The Family Practice, TJ Rampit, Tom Eldridge, True Trim Lawn Care, UCT Coldwater Council *** Care Provider: $1 to $99 Donation - Angie Kinzinger, Anita Anderson, Anita Lukes, Audrey Ades, Bank of America, Blue Sky Vinyard, Brad Devine, Brittany Gichini, Budd Family, Chris Neusbaum, Crystal Bledsoe, David & Rita Block, David Nunez, Debbie Marnien, Deborah Marnien, Eduardo Vazquez, Elaine Mullin, Elizabeth Martin, Elizabeth Masiero, Estefania Becerra, F Jon Howard, Filippo Moreci, Fuquay-Varina Garden Club, Gittings Family, Hal and Joni Krevoy, Harry Shpelfogel, Jane Johnson, Jane Johnston, Jane Moeller, Janet Schmidt, Jeanette Kehoe, Jeffrey Kumpala, Jeffrey Kumpula, Jennifer Logue, Jerald & Jaclyn Baranoff, John Marnien, Jon Marnien, JonMarnien, Juanita Barry, Julie Artz, Karen Duffy, Keith & Charlene Groeling, Kristin Smith, Laney Economou, Larry and Aljean Webb, Lori Whann, LOTS Foundation, Marilyn Arbogast, Marina Mochkina, Mary Annn and Fred Liebmann, Mary Antholz, Mary Robinson, Maureen Bihn, Megan Zinser, Michael O'Rourke, Michelle Woodward, Monica Olvera-Walker, Nick String , Pledgeling Foundation, Richard & Julianne Schuck, Rita Noll, Ron and Beverly Puhalla, Roy Mullin, Ruth Goldberg, Ruth Rosenfeld , Sagar Mehta, Sarah Mattingly, Sarah Zelmer Ammons, Sharon Stipkovits, Steel Family, Susan McGuire, Susan Mitchell, Tara Keefner, Teresa Castelli, Terri Yursky, Thomas Johnson, Thompson Family, Thrivent Financial, Thurs Morning Coffee League, Tim Gannon, United Way - Indiana, United Way CCR, United Way Indianapolis, Vish Nadaarajah, Wanda Campbell, Yolanda Thomas, Your Cause, Your Cause HCA *** Donations made in honor of: - Alyssa, Charles Lee, Cora, Dakota, Davita Schachter, Devin Purcell, Dillon, Dr. Eric Fier, Drew, Elise, Emma, Erin Merrien, Francis Climie, Gillian Goldberg, Grayson K, Grayson Kemps 5th Birthday, Grayson L, Harrison Mitchell, Hike for Grayson!!, Isaac, James Weinbrecht, Krystie, Lester Levin, Lincoln School, Mallory S., Matthew McWilliams, Natalie Barnes, Nathan and Dillon Robaut, Nathan H, Nathan R, Norman Steiger, Princess Riley Golf Outing, Richard Braxton Whitfield, Rosea Comer, Stanley Dolesh, Take a Hike Tay-Sachs ***

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Tay-Sachs disease is caused by the absence or insufficient level of a vital enzyme called Hexosaminidase A (Hex-A). Without Hex-A, a fatty substance or lipid called GM2 ganglioside accumulates abnormally in cells, especially in the nerve cells of the brain. This ongoing accumulation, also called substrate, causes progressive damage to the cells. In Classic Infantile the destructive process begins in the fetus early in pregnancy, although the disease is not clinically apparent (symptoms do not start) until the child is several months old. By the time a child with Tay-Sachs disease is three or four-years old, the nervous system is so badly affected that life itself cannot be supported. Even with the best of care, all children with classic Tay-Sachs disease die early in childhood, usually by the age of 5, although some do live longer.

How do set up a free Facebook Fundraiser?

Many of you have asked how to set up a FB Fundraiser.... here ya go. You can create fundraisers for charitable organizations and personal causes on Facebook for Birthdays, Anniversary's, or any occasion!

To create a fundraiser for the CTSF: (no cost to you!)

1.  Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed

2.  Click Raise Money...

3.  Select Nonprofit/Charity (Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation)

4.  Select a charitable organization, choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details

5.  Click Create


Tanganil: An easy way to share your experience...

Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation (CTSF) and NTSAD have collaborated with TREND Community to collect information from families and individuals about their experiences using Tanganil, available without a prescription from Europe and indicated for the treatment of positional vertigo (dizziness). It has not been proven to be effective or approved for use to treat symptoms of GM1 and/or GM2 Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff.

  • There is no travel required to take part in this online community.
  • All data shared will be anonymous and de-identified.
  • The data will be used by researchers, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies to better understand how the disease impacts the family, generate ideas for future research and design better clinical trials.

Click the link below to download the TREND Community PDF to read more about this initiative, how it can help and how you can sign up to be a part of this unique way to participate in research.

Here is the link. The instructions to sign up are right at the bottom.

Rick Karl, CTSF


Family Stories

Nikko's Story

Nikko was born on May 14 2015 and he is our firstborn son. Nikko since day one I always knew as his mother that he was angelic and filled a room with so much love with just his presence. What I didn't know was Nikko would be

Brennan's Story

Words cannot express what a privilege it was to be Brennan's parents. The Lord chose us to care for this precious child and now he is home. Brennan passed on March 4, 2016, in the comfort of his own home. It was fairly sudden and our hearts are broken. Brennan's parents, Holly and Royce Stringer, reside in Prescott, Arizona.

Alyssa's Story

Alyssa Tyner was born on a pretty morning on June 19, 2014. We were so happy and blessed to finally have our family complete. Alyssa was the little sister to Leilani, who felt proud to be the big loving sister.

Krystie's Story

Krystie Anna Karl-Steiger was born on January 26, 2006 on a warm sunny winter day in California. Our precious little girl had a full head of hair, and gulped down her first bottle in record time.

Ryan's Story

Ryan Anthony Babo was born February 19, 2002. Like all Tay-Sachs children, he was absolutely beautiful. I remember lying in bed next to him when he was just a week old, watching him sleep, wondering what I had ever done in my life to deserve him.

Molly's Story

Molly Grace was born on September 26, 2003. She was born 2 months early and weighed only 4lbs 0oz. Although she was so small she was very healthy.

Elise's "Big Elise" Story

Elise Catherine ten Berge was born on February 5, 2003. She was our first child and as all new parents do, we thought about what Elise's future would be like: her first word, her first step, and her first day of school.

Dakota's Story

Dakota Jean Bihn was born on May 30, 1999. She was a beautiful baby, weighing in at exactly 8 pounds. Everything about her seemed perfect. During Dakota's first year, she developed as a normal baby should. She sat up, rolled over, ate, and walked, all when she should.

Conner's Story

Conner, a precious miracle and an amazing creature sent to Carl, Brenden and myself one cold, snowy January day. From the second he entered our life, I knew in my heart he was so incredibly special. His first smile, his first cry, even his first breath, he was--and remains--beautiful.

Lexi's Story

My name is Alexis Nichole Markowich or just "Lexi". I was born on March 9, 2001 to Craig and Nichole Markowich and I also have a big sister Brianne. When I was four, on August 4, 2005, we got the devastating news that I had Juvenile Onset Tay Sachs Disease (JOTSD).

Isabel's Story

Isabel was born in Buenos Aires on February of 2009. Until the age of two Isabel was a healthy little girl. She had the life that any other child could have: school, little friends at park, holidays and trips to Spain to visit her family. And always a big smile on her face...

Lexi's Story

Our daughter Lexi was born on March 30, 2011. She was born in Junction City, Kansas right outside of Fort Riley. I am in the army so.....

Nathan's Story

Our son Nathan Harney is almost 17 months old. He is a wonderful, happy baby who has beautiful blue eyes, a huge personality, and is the light of our lives. He is a gentle soul that we have been blessed with......

Karin's Story

My sisters and I had what seemed to be a normal up bringing in Southwestern, Ohio to a set of parents who were regular too.....

Isaiah's Story

On March 16, 2007, Isaiah came into the world at 9:41 PM weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz. he was greeted by his daddy, Grandma Lisa, and Great Aunt Chaundra.

Rachaeli's Story

Rachaeli entered this world with her eyes open wide; God delivered her to us shortly before the start of the Sabbath on Friday October 25, 2002. It was a perfect delivery, following a perfect pregnancy. Rachaeli was absolutely captivating.

Kaiden's Story

Kaiden was born December 20, 2006. He was my beautiful blue eye, blond hair angel. He was the best baby any parents could ask for. He smiled constantly and barely cried. I would tell my Mother all the time that he was my "special little man".......

Elise's "Baby Elise" Story

Elise was born December 1, 2004 in Santa Maria, California. She was an absolutely perfect baby with an easy pregnancy. We never imagined we could love someone as much as we love Elise. The next 6 months were the happiest months of our lives......

Cole's Story

Travis Cole Snellgrove was born to Wendi and Travis on April 12th, 2004. He was born with no problems and was home the next day. He was a very good baby and we had no problems with him for the first month, then he started having trouble.....

DJ's Story

Dylan James Manning (commonly referred to as "DJ") was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2001. Dylans arrival was a long awaited event for his parents, Brian and Sherri of Atglen, Pennsylvania. Although Dylan was anxious to arrive almost four weeks early, he was not quick to reach his milestones. Doctors naturally gave him a little extra time to reach things like crawling and rolling over due to his prematurity.

Amelia's Story

Amelia was born September 29, 2006 and was a sweet, easy-going baby right from the start. Her baby book filled up as it should have first smile at four weeks, rolled over at four months, babbled at five months.

Charles Story

Charles Lee Anderson was born on February 26, 2006 to Bryce and Amy Anderson. His sister Anna was 14 and brother Ben was 11. Charles Lee was so perfect.

Emma's Story

Emma Rose was born on May 17, 2004. She was very eager to enter our world - arriving before my doctor could even get to the hospital! She was a beautiful, healthy, and sweet baby.

Lacie's Story

My name is Lacie Wivell and this is my story. I was born on April 8, 2004, to Rick and Lisa Wivell. I had two older sisters, Amanda and Rikki, and two older brothers, Levi and Colby. I also had another brother, Dakota, that went to be an angel in 2001.

Mallory's Story

Mallory Rayne Salazar is a ray of light that came to us one rainy Saturday afternoon. She was born on July 14, 2007 and was 7lbs. 8oz. of pure perfection. From the first time I laid eyes on her, I knew there was something "special" about her. Little did we know just how much she would teach us.